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Planets, stars, and the heavens offer ephemeral insight into the architecture of our known reality. This is their story.

October 4th, 2013

Our first new moon in Libra sets the stage for a grand eclipse later in the month. In November, we’ll be experiencing the next phase of the square between Pluto and Uranus. This promises to inspire quite the hullabaloo, though more bark less bite, as seen with our present “government shutdown.”

Let’s say we have effectively moved out of our “dark Jedi cave phase,” and now enter the part of the story when we’re being called to actually put our talents to good use. You’ve meditated on your life, you’ve made amendments to the sacred scrolls, adjusted the game—boot up the console and let’s get playing. 

One can always find reasons to kick your ass into higher gears and give yourself advice: You’re doing it wrong. Do this instead of that.  Obviously, it’s Saturn’s fault. Human beings love nothing more than to shift responsibility:

“It wasn’t me.”

“Oh? Who was it then?” 

“Uh… it was that shiny point. In the sky, over there.” 

“The planet?”

“Yeah, totally was the planet.”

“How do you figure?”

“Well it… it has powers.”


“Yeah, powers.”

“What sort of powers?”

“You know, it… I don’t know, it made me break the vase.”

“The planet made you?”

“Yeah, it made me do it, because… c’mon, it’s not my fault!”

“Oh. Well, in that case, want some ice cream?”

This astrologer is not suggesting that the art of reading stars is a purely imaginary art—far from the case. Perhaps he suggests that we encompass all responsibilities as part of our process, and take the heat. While anyone may be at fault, no one is to blame.

Saturn is about one third of his way through Scorpio, and continues to aspect the Nodes, Pluto, and Chiron. Mercury begins his murky transit through Scorpio, tantalizing our efforts to make headway in the worlds of men.

As Mercury hits certain degrees throughout the next two months, he will activate the grand water trine of late Spring. This will be the last burst of neo-creativity to surge into our greater manifesting senses for the year, and likely enact some needed closure.

Most importantly, take this time—especially when Mercury enters true retrograde on October 26th—to direct your energy toward reassessing your creative material.

We will continue to see a surge of karmic retribution, for better or worse, throughout the autumn season. When the Sun enters Scorpio late October, Mercury will have just begun his retreat. Re-commit to your yoga, meditate daily—not sure if masturbation counts—and answer when you’re spoken to.

If you feel the heat in the coming months, try not to blame the planets. They’re people too, you know. 

Image: Sonic Titans

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